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Mon State Govt to Sell Affordable Housing Units



Department of Urban and Housing Development, Mon State will sell 256 housing units from the Banyar Dala affordable housing project in Mawlamyine, they announced that interested ones can buy the application form from April 22 to May 10.

The apartments from the housing project where implemented using state government funds, they will be sold to retired and active civil servants, some will be sold to private buyers.

“Buyers must first pay a 30 percent down payment to the government, and the rest must be paid through the banks under an installment payment program,” said an official from the department.

Pricing for the Banyar Dala affordable housing are K23.5 million for ground floor apartments, K20 million for first-floor apartments, K19.5 million for second floor apartments and K18 million for third floor apartments.

Anyone living in Mon State is eligible to apply for the apartments, which will be sold to private buyers who do not own a home, it will also be sold to civil servants, five years before retirement or three years after retirement.

“We have 16 four-story buildings with four apartments per floor. Each apartment is built with 650 square feet of space,” the official added.

The application can be acquired at the Director General’s office of the Department of Urban and Housing Development at Maung Ngan Quarter, in Mawlamyine Mon State.