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Ooredoo Prepared, Seeks Approval to Bring 5G to Myanmar



Ooredoo Myanmar has announced that once it gets approval and licenses from the government, it will build and provide 5G services here. To do this, it announced a partnership with ZTE Corporation, as it signed a Memorandum of Understanding [MoU] to collaborate on 5G development in this country. The two companies will jointly test the new 5G network in some townships of Yangon and Mandalay, and then hope to expand the 5G service across the country.

Alok Verma, the Acting CEO of Ooredoo Myanmar, explained what needs to happen first: “Government needs to adopt new rules and regulations for 5G networks. These networks cannot use existing frequencies. Therefore, once the government approves necessary rules and regulations, we will start developing 5G networks.”

Based on this MoU, the two companies will develop their plans to take the 5G network in Myanmar from the testing phase straight through to making it available to customers.

“We look forward to utilizing Ooredoo’s global 5G expertise through our collaboration in Myanmar,” Mei Zhonghua, Senior VP of ZTE Corporation, said. “5G is the future of wireless technology; it is designed to meet advances in bandwidth demand, and an increasingly complex set of performance requirements.”

5G is the next major leap forward in mobile tech, yet there are still obstacles to overcome before it becomes the standard. Chief among these are the current lack of mobile handsets that can actually operate on a 5G network. Industry analysts expect that it may be a couple of years before 5G becomes widely available in Myanmar.

However, the wait will be worth it. 5G will be significantly faster than 4G. How much faster? In short: very fast.

After some digging, we discovered that an everyday user should expect an average improvement in network speeds of about 15-50 percent in the real-world environment; theoretically, in lab conditions, 5G can improve on 4G speeds many times more than that – even 100 times faster. It will offer ultra-low latency and will completely change the nature of mobility, networking, remote healthcare, virtual reality, and ultra-HD video. Another advantage of 5G is that it has greater network capacity, and can thus give customers a stronger signal in crowded areas.

Ooredoo has been testing 5G technology since 2014. It launched the world’s first 5G network in the nation of Qatar in May 2018.

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