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    Kanbawza Bank

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    KBZ Bank Kamayut Branch 1, 615A Pyay Road Ward 2, Kamayut, Yangon Website:

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    3 Key Facts and Figures: KBZ Bank has been in operation for 28 years KBZ Bank provides consumer banking services including KBZPay, a multifunctional e-wallet, and institutional banking The core values of the Bank are: metta (loving-kindness), thet ti (courage) and viriya (perseverance) Main sector of activity: Banking Description of company: KBZ Bank: A new generation of banking For over two decades, KBZ Bank has been part of Myanmar’s growth story, working tirelessly to strengthen communities and institutions for the long term and to improve the quality of life for all. As Myanmar’s largest privately-owned bank, we represent nearly 40 percent of both retail and commercial banking in the country, driving the success of the nation’s entrepreneurs, businesses and communities. Today, KBZ Bank is helping to fast-track Myanmar’s development in the digital age, embracing next-generation banking. We have seized the advantages of mobile-first technology in promoting financial inclusion and connecting our customers to the people, opportunities and places that they value most. Through KBZPay, Myanmar’s fastest-growing mobile wallet, we have brought banking beyond our 500 branches and to even more communities. We are also transforming from the inside out, drawing on the latest technologies to work more efficiently and serve our customers better, while developing the bankers and leaders of the future. The future of Myanmar will be built on the strength of its key institutions and KBZ Bank is leading the way.

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    Tel : +951538075-80

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